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Erika J. Koch

Erika J. Koch

My broad research interest involves study of the self, and most of my research revolves around the concept of self-esteem. I am particularly interested in exploring the antecedents of self-esteem. Specifically, I have compared how competence and acceptance affect self-esteem. Most of my research suggests that the contribution of acceptance to self-esteem is more powerful than the contribution of competence. I have also explored the possibility that self-complexity moderates the effects of rejection on state self-esteem. Currently, my research is focusing on the phenomenon of STTUC -- sensitivity about being the target of a threatening upward comparison.

Primary Interests:

  • Interpersonal Processes
  • Personality, Individual Differences
  • Self and Identity
  • Social Cognition

Journal Articles:

Other Publications:

  • Koch, E. J. (2006). Examining the role of self-esteem in psychological functioning. In M. H. Kernis (Ed.), Self-esteem issues and answers: A source book of current perspectives (pp. 260-266). New York: Psychology Press.
  • Leary, M. R., Koch, E. J., & Hechenbleikner, N. R. (2001). Emotional responses to interpersonal rejection. In M. R. Leary (Ed.), Interpersonal rejection (pp. 145-167). New York: Oxford University Press.

Courses Taught:

  • Advanced Social and Personality Psychology
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Personality Psychology
  • Psychology of the Self
  • Research Methods II: Research Design and Analysis
  • Social Psychology

Erika J. Koch
Department of Psychology
St. Francis Xavier University
P.O. Box 5000
Antigonish, Nova Scotia B2G 2W5

  • Phone: (902) 867-3950
  • Fax: (902) 867-5189

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